2024 National Council Application

The Phi Mu Delta Fraternity, along with the Nomination Committee, is inviting applications for individuals interested in serving on the National Council. The Council is composed of dedicated board members who provide strategic direction and exemplify volunteerism within the fraternity. The Nomination Committee's responsibility is to seek nominations/applications and develop a slate of 4 candidates for approval by the Conclave, scheduled from Wednesday, July 31 to Saturday, August 3.

We are looking for qualified and passionate alumni to join the existing council members for a 4-year term.  There is no requirement to have historical fraternity volunteer history as we are seeking brothers with a diverse set of experiences.  Below are the Phi Mu Delta leadership behaviors that we have prioritized:

  • Put Phi Mu Delta Thinking First
  • Seek and Provide Coaching and Feedback
  • Make Collaboration Essential
  • Communicate Frequently, Candidly, and Clearly
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